Have Super-Duper Fun At The Super Santa Christmas Show With Stevie And The Superdudes In December

Have Super-Duper Fun At The Super Santa Christmas Show With Stevie And The Superdudes In December

Forget about Superman, Ironman or Captain America. When it comes to Christmas season, the greatest superhero of all is… drumroll please… Santa! After all, the titular character in ‘The Super Santa Christmas Show’ remembers every boy and girl in the world, and delivers presents to them – in just one night!

But even Super Santa isn’t omnipotent! So who does he turn to when he needs help to save Christmas? The funniest and silliest superheroes on the planet – The Superdudes!

Super Empowering

The Superdudes – Super Stevie, Pencil Pirate, Bubble Trouble and FlutterbyThe Superdudes – Super Stevie, Pencil Pirate, Bubble Trouble and Flutterby – are some of the characters from ex-Hi 5! member Stevie Nicholson’s book of the same name.

The book is based on the philosophy that anyone and anything can be super, right down to your own thumb! (There’s a character called Super Thumb in the book!) Through its vibrant pages, Stevie hopes to help kids to see the superhero in themselves and understand that they don’t need to conform to the world or media’s standards to be super awesome.

‘The Super Santa Christmas Show’ brings the imagination, the fun and, most important of all, the message of the book to life, in a lively stage production on the beloved theme of Christmas!

Super Interactive

The Super Santa Christmas Show by Stevie, Ex Hi-5With Stevie as director and lead actor, you can expect ‘The Super Santa Christmas Show’ to be one of the most interactive Christmas productions you’ve ever caught.

You’ll be singing along with The Superdudes, up on your feet dancing, giggling at their silly antics – basically having a ball while helping them to save Christmas! And with Bubble Trouble and Flutterby around, you can expect bubbles and giggle dust too!

“The Superdudes songs are incredibly catchy and I have no doubt that parents and children will have the songs in their head long after they leave the theatre,” says Stevie, predicting that everyone will be “singing, dancing and laughing the entire time”.

“I hope families carry the spirit of Christmas inspired by this show right up until Christmas Day,” he adds.

Super Engaging

With all the excitement leading up to ‘The Super Santa Christmas Show’, the cast are looking forward to meeting the audience and seeing the many smiling faces.

As Stevie puts it, “We have a brand new set, sparkly lights, super fun Christmas songs and a very funny Super Santa, but the most super thing about the show will be the atmosphere in the audience. My favourite thing about performing for children is listening to the engagement of the children. It’s magic!”

Super Up Close And Personal

The fun doesn’t end after the show. Ticket holders will have the opportunity to meet Santa and The Superdudes at the foyer for photo-taking! Best Christmas present ever for the kids!

The Super Santa Christmas Show, SOTA Drama Theatre, Singapore, 6, 7, 8 December 2019The Super Santa Christmas Show

When: 6 December 2019, 5pm; 7 to 8 December 2019, 11 am, 2 pm, 4.30 pm.
Where: SOTA Drama Theatre
Recommended for 3-year-olds and up.

Book your tickets now through SISTIC.

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