Kiztopia At Marina Square: Play To Learn, Learn To Play Across 18 Zones At This Indoor Playground

Kiztopia At Marina Square: Play To Learn, Learn To Play

Come 15 June 2019, pop into Kiztopia at Marina Square to welcome the newest and coolest kids in town, Raby, Tina, Pio, Tiger, ChiChi, Eli, Pepe, Mark, Honey, and Bell!

At 18,000 square feet, Kiztopia is a massive edutainment centre / indoor playground located on the ground floor of Marina Square, where Emporium Shokuhin used to be.

18 different play zones at KiztopiaWith 18 different play zones, two party rooms, and play features such as two-storey high slides, ball pits, claw machines, Augmented Reality (AR) games, and even role-play rooms, does Kiztopia live up to its motto, “Play to Learn, Learn to Play”? Here’s what we think!

Play and Learn In Kiztopia

Flooded with plenty of natural light, Kiztopia is a sprawling indoor playground that is welcoming to say the least.

Pretend-play rooms at the Kiztopia Indoor PlaygroundThe pretend-play rooms, Bell’s Cuisine, Raby’s Mart, and Tina’s Snip, are lined up in a row at the entrance of Kiztopia. This little shopping strip was probably my daughter’s favourite play area; she spent a good chunk of time in the well-stocked Raby’s Mart, ringing up the cash register and loading up her shopping bag with a ton of beautiful felt fruit and vegetables.

Kiztopia’s pretend-play rooms are sizeable and would comfortably accommodate about 15 children at a time. Right next to one another, don’t be surprised if your children run in and out of the rooms when the mood strikes!

Kiztopia’s large bouncy castleThe older children with more energy to expend may well make a beeline for Kiztopia’s large bouncy castle, and the playground’s Mojo Zone with its jungle gym structures and enormous banana floats.

Space AdventureHighlights include Space Adventure, a one-of-a-kind AR basketball court, and Ninja Zone, where Ninja Warrior wannabes – ages 6 and older – prove their mettle as they conquer various challenges such as a foam-padded climbing walls, a wrecking ball and monkey bars.

Raby’s Pit, Kiztopia Indoor PlaygroundWhile the big kids knock themselves out in Mojo Zone, the little ones can spend some time at Raby’s Pit, a toddler-friendly play area complete with a pit full of Hinoki cubes, rocking horses, mini-slides, and wall toys.

Heads up, Mummies and Daddies – the ball pit at Raby’s Pit is pretty deep, so toddlers who aren’t confidently walking yet may need some assistance. Also, as the toddler play area isn’t fenced off from the rest of the playground, the big kids could find their way in quite easily, so do look out for the more rambunctious types!

Rides at Kiztopia SingaporeFrom the looks of it, Kiztopia does play well. When you’re there, look out for an AR wall onto which budding Monets can showcase their works of art, and Chug Eli, a mini electric train ride.

In the near future, guests can expect a line-up of activities that will complement play time in Kiztopia. Think taekwondo and hip-hop dance classes for the whole family!

Party It Up In Kiztopia Indoor Playground

Party Room at KiztopiaPlay features aside, Kiztopia has two party rooms – Starlite and Star Brite – which can also be converted into one big venue should you be expecting more guests. Although party packages have not been confirmed at this time, we’re pretty sure any party in an indoor playground like Kiztopia wouldn’t disappoint.

What’s more, Bell’s Pantry – Kiztopia’s in-house cafe – boasts a menu of fresh made-to-order food items. With no processed chicken nuggets in sight, here’s hoping their party menu isn’t going to disappoint!

Visiting Kiztopia Indoor Playground

Playing at KiztopiaLocated at street level, Kiztopia faces The Esplanade and is quite easily accessible by MRT, with Esplanade MRT station the closest in proximity.

There is also a drop-off point right in front of Kiztopia should you be catching a taxi there.

Ninja School - KiztopiaAt $28 for 1 hour of play on weekdays and weekends, entry into Kiztopia isn’t the cheapest by a long stretch.

However, for a limited time only, you can purchase tickets at $22 a pop, in celebration of the launch of Kiztopia, so that would make it more worth your while. Find out more here.

Kiztopia opens its doors to the public on Saturday 15 June 2019 from 12pm onwards.

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