5 Cute Trains In Japan That You Can Climb Aboard With A JR Pass

Cute trains in Japan

Japan is a land filled with unique experiences. There are plenty of experiences that draw families and travellers to this popular destination filled with sights, food and culture. Japan is also the land of trains – one of the most convenient ways to get around the country. Here are 5 cute and interesting trains in Japan that will delight kids and families.

1. Aso Boy

Aso BoyAso Boy is a limited express train that runs in the Kyushu region between Aso and Beppu. The train has seats which offer panoramic views of the mountain scenery passing by. “Kuro” is a cute, black dog which features in different poses throughout the train’s decorations, brightening up the travel experience.

2. Hello Kitty Shinkansen

Hello Kitty ShinkansenRunning from Hakata to Osaka is the cutest bullet train ever – the Hello Kitty Shinkansen. The ribbon-wrapped train connects eight prefectures in West Japan and runs only once a day. The first two cars are all decked out with Hello Kitty, ready for a kawaii photo op!

3. Anpanman Train

Anpanman Train
Image: Arnold Fang

The cute JR Anpanman train pays tribute to Takashi Yanase (1919 to 2013), the creator of the Anpanman children’s mangoa. It operates from Okayama to Shikoku.

4. Yokai Train

Yokai TrainThis “supernatural monsters” train runs from Yonago Station to Sakaiminato in the Tottori prefecture, the home town of Mizuki Shigeru of GeGeGe no Kitaro fame. The interiors of the trains have been decorated to pay tribute to his manga creations.

5. Pokemon with You Train

Pokemon with You Train
Image: JR East

The Pokemon with You train was designed in 2012 to put a smile on the faces of children in Tohoku after the devastation of the tsunami. Decorated with Pikachu, the cute train run from Ichinoseki to Kesennuma.

Interactive Map for JR Trains

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