Tulipa ‘Singapura’: A Tulip Named After Singapore

Tulipa ‘Singapura’: The Tulip Named After Singapore

Tulips are not usually associated with Singapore. Instead, we are more accustomed to seeing richly-coloured orchids in local floral displays. However, we now have a tulip named after our tiny red dot, the Tulipa ‘Singapura’.

What the Tulipa ‘Singapura’ Signifies

The red-and-white tulips were hybridised by breeders in the Netherlands. The flowers were given to Gardens by the Bay and named Tulipa ‘Singapura’ in commemoration of the Singapore Bicentennial. The double-petals of the flowers represent the 200 years that have passed since 1819 and red and white are the colours of the National flag.

Singapura TulipThe Tulipa ‘Singapura’ can be viewed at the Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay, as part of Tulipmania 2019, where they are displayed in front of a scaled-down replica of Singapore Botanic Garden’s bandstand.

Tulipmania 2019 is now on till 20 May 2019.

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