Packaging Matters Exhibition At National Museum Of Singapore: KLIM, Green Spot And Other Nostalgic Items Packed Together

Packaging Matters Exhibition At National Museum Of Singapore: Klim Tins, Green Spot Bottles And Other Nostalgia Packed Together

Food is a topic close to many Singaporean’s hearts and at the Packaging Matters exhibition at National Museum of Singapore, the story of food packaging in Singapore is presented a series of artefacts that date back as far as the early 20th century. Not only will it stir up nostalgic feelings but help to spark conversations between parents, grandparents and children too.

The History of Food Packaging in Singapore

Food Packaging in Singapore
Posters from the Empire Marketing Board.

In the early 20th century, “Buy Empire” was the rallying call from the Empire Marketing Board. Posters from the Board, promoting Malayan pineapples, form the starting point at the Packaging Matters exhibition.

Advertising signsAs the food industry developed, companies such as the Amoy Canning Corporation, Yeo Hiap Seng and Prima Limited, along with brands such as Khong Guan and Kickapoo, rose to prominence.

Old bottles at the Food Packaging exhibition, National Museum of SingaporeFood packaging played an important role in turning these brands and products in household names with high recall value. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to view tins, bottles and advertising that date back to the last century, evoking fond memories that can be shared across generations.

Family-friendly Activities

Children visiting Packaging Matters exhibition can look out for special interactive features around the gallery.

There are “Feely Boxes” to touch-and-feel various packaging materials and a children’s activity booklet, for ages 5 to 10 years old, that can be used to “hunt down” artefacts in the gallery.

Family Corner at Packaging MattersA dedicated family corner, decorated with a colourful wall mural, allows children to learn about food packaging through colourful puzzles and activities.

Recycled artA series of art pieces, created by seniors with dementia, are also on display.

Learn to sort out different types of trash for recycling.In the Sustainability section of the Packaging Matters exhibition, children can also learn about the three ‘Rs’ and try sorting various food packaging materials for recycling in a hands-on activity.

Over the opening weekend of Packaging Matters, 6 and 7 April 2019, there will also be a food and craft Market, film screenings, storytelling sessions and drop-in craft activities.

For more details, visit the Packaging Matters exhibition website here.

Packaging Matters: Singapore’s Food Packaging Story from the Early 20th Century

When: 6 April to 15 September 2019
Where: Stamford Gallery, National Museum of Singapore
Free Admission

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