Nestopia: A Grand Adventure Exploring New Heights At Siloso Beach

Nestopia: A Grand Adventure Exploring New Heights At Siloso Beach

Walking along the Siloso Beach, a trio of wired nest-like climbing structures with two of the longest-ever gleaming spiral slides greeted us. We had just gotten our first glimpse of Nestopia, Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa’s newly opened outdoor adventure playground for children ages five and above and their families!

Pizza for Breakfast

Breakfast at TrapizzaWhile the kids were tempted to run straight to Nestopia, the first order of business was to fuel up and the pit stop was Trapizza, a stone’s throw away.

Breakfast at TrapizzaThis casual Italian eatery has new, sumptuous breakfast menu which made for was a lovely way to start the day. The children were pleased with the attractively garnished pancakes and sausages with eggs.

Pizza for Breakfast!They were especially thrilled with the treat of delicious wood-fired pizza for breakfast!

After breakfast (and having let the food settled down a bit), the children looked at one another in glee and dashed off to explore Nestopia!

Exploring New Heights with Nestopia

Nestopia Siloso BeachNestopia boasts open spaces for kids to roam and play freely. It is amazing high but very safe. There are climbing structures and obstacles to scale, walkway bridges to traverse as well as swinging ropes to hang from.

The suspended wired bridges between each nest were very secure for both older and younger children.

Low play structures at NestopiaFor toddlers and younger kids, there were shorter roped obstacle courses to explore.

Climbing along the net bridges at Nestopia SingaporeScaling one soaring structure after another, our six-year-old and eight-year-old enjoyed every second of their time at Nestopia.

Let the Imagination Soar

The playscape’s features encourage different activities that exercise developing muscles, motor skills, spatial awareness and balance through creative physical movement.

Playing at NestopiaThe bird’s nest frame is great for imaginative fun! The top of the 7.5 metre-high nest serves as an aerial lookout for older children to view the sea, guard their forts, cross bridges, conduct mock fights with balloon swords and escape with a quick slide down!

I ventured up one mid-air nest deck with them and was treated to the gorgeous sea view. Then down we went with a whizzzz round and round the winding tube! As the super-long slides were non-slippery and landings were soft on padded ground, it was less scary for my little girl and yet so much fun!

Parents could mingle or rest on available wooden benches under the shade of surrounding trees and the sea breeze from the beach front would have been a boon. The occasional falling leaves further added to the nature atmosphere of the playground.

If visiting on hot days, make sure to bring towels, bathing suits and a change of clothes. After play, the children returned to the charming Trapizza for fresh thirst-quenching juice and to check out the enticing but small water play area in its grounds.

Nestopia at Siloso BeachThe morning’s experience felt like a grand adventure. The kids waved a happy farewell and left on an adrenaline high, still excitedly chatting away. We will return!


Opens from 9 am on weekends, eves of and public holidays, and 11 am on weekdays. Closes 9 pm daily. Admission charges apply


Opens from 9am on weekends and 10 am on weekdays. Closes 10 pm daily.
Breakfast menu available every weekend from 9 to 11 am.

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