McDonald’s Fish & Fries And Sweet Chilli Fish Burger: Taste Test

McDonald’s Fish & Fries and Sweet Chilli Fish Burger: Taste Test

McDonald’s Fish & Fries and Sweet Chilli Fish Burger have arrived! From 28 March 2019, these limited time only items are available at McDonald’s Singapore, while stocks last.

The McDonald’s Fish & Fries features two fish filets along with a pack of McDonald’s fries. This is available as an la carte order from $7.30. An additional $0.90 will turn it into a meal with a medium Coca-Cola.

The Sweet Chilli Fish Burger consists of the same fish fillet with sweet chilli mayo and fresh vegetables, sandwiched between a bun. McDonald’s Sweet Chilli Fish Burger is available from $6 a la carte or as an Extra Value Meal from $7.80.

We decided to give the McDonald’s Fish & Fries and Sweet Chilli Fish Burger a taste test. Here is our review of these two items.

McDonald’s Fish & Fries Review

McDonald’s Fish & Fries ReviewFish & Fries is McDonald’s spin on the classic fish & chips. The fish and fries came separately – two fish filets in a box and the fries in McDonald’s regular red pack. Accompanying the fish and fries was a tub of creamy tartar sauce.

McDonald’s Fish & Fries Taste TestThe fish looked crispy and golden. Our suspicions were confirmed when we broke the filet into half and heard a nice snap. The crispy batter opened up to reveal a tender fish filet inside. We were quite surprised with the crunch of the batter and the pleasing texture of the fish.

Sweet Chilli Fish Burger Review

McDonald's Sweet Chilli Fish Burger ReviewThe same fish filet also featured in the Sweet Chilli Fish Burger.

This sandwich came with a generous serving of fresh salad that was almost over-flowing from the bun.

Sweet Chilli Fish Burger at McDonald's SingaporeThe fresh vegetables made the Sweet Chilli Fish Burger feel unusually healthy and the sweet chilli mayonnaise help add a little kick to the sandwich.

Overall, the consensus within the office was that McDonald’s Fish & Fries and Sweet Chilli Fish Burger were winners and we would likely get it again in the future.

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