Amazonia Indoor Playground: Back To The Ice Ages At Great World City

Amazonia Indoor Playground: Back To The Ice Ages At Great World City

First opened way back in 2011, Amazonia remains one of the most popular indoor playgrounds in Singapore, well-known for its four-storey high jumbo wave slide.

Located on level three of Great World City, Amazonia underwent major renovations late last year and finally re-opened its doors on 1 February 2019.

Although the shopping centre is currently undergoing massive enhancement works, Amazonia is not in the least bit affected, so mums and dads can take your little ones there for a play any time!

So, what’s new and what’s good? My daughter and I made our way there for a little play to check out the newly-revamped Amazonia indoor playground.

Amazonia: The Ice Age Edition

Amazonia: The Ice Age EditionFollowing the renovations, Amazonia now invites young and old to step back in time to the Ice Ages when mammoths, penguins, and polar bears roamed the earth. Think icy blues and whites, a colour palette to make Elsa proud.

The Toddler Soft Play Area is right at the entrance, facing a wall of shoe racks – good luck getting your tots to sit tight long enough for you to take their shoes off! Once my daughter laid eyes on the Toddler Play Area, she was raring to go!

Toddler Soft Play Area at Amazonia, Great World CityFully lined with foam mats underfoot, the Toddler Soft Play Area is packed to the brim with wall toys, large floor cushions, foam blocks, a baby-friendly foam slide, and two Haba foam swings.

My daughter absolutely loved the Haba swings – she hasn’t quite gotten the hang of regular swings yet, so this was perfect. FYI, the Haba website states that the maximum weight its swing can take is 29kg; my 2-year-old daughter is just about 12kg and she fit into the Haba Aircraft Swing comfortably.

Toddler-friendly ball pit at the Amazonia Indoor PlaygroundRight next to the Toddler Soft Play Area is a mini toddler-friendly ball pit with a little climbing structure and slide that the younger ones will definitely find manageable. I thought it wouldn’t be challenging enough for my hyperactive child but she did a few laps up and down the slide, so I suppose she was enjoying herself!

Ball Fountain Play Zone, Interactive AI Gaming Zone and Trampoline Basketball Court

Ball Fountain Play ZoneIn addition to the updated Toddler Soft Play Area, Amazonia now boasts a large ball pit with a wall of super fun ball blasters. My daughter and I were in there for ages feeding the balls into the blasters and watching them go! The great thing is the impact is fairly gentle, so there should be no fear of injury here.

Interactive AI Gaming ZoneAnother new feature of the playground is the Interactive AI Gaming Zone, which my daughter is still a little young for, although that didn’t stop her from dancing to the music and gaping at the animation projected onto the wall.

The older children will definitely love the Interactive AI Gaming Zone, and the brand new Trampoline Basketball Court, found right by Amazonia’s bistro.

Trampoline Basketball CourtThink four large trampolines enclosed within a safety mesh structure to form a true-to-size basketball court. This will be a hit with active kids, that’s for sure! If this doesn’t help them expend their energy, I don’t know what will.

Revamped Climbing Structure at the Indoor Playground at Great World City

four-storey high climbing structure, Amazonia Indoor PlaygroundThe mainstay of Amazonia is still the four-storey high climbing structure which has enjoyed a facelift following the revamp, and now features foam icebergs and arctic-inspired turnstiles.

My daughter needed little encouragement to conquer the climbing structure all on her own. In fact, she went down the jumbo wave slides so many times, she started stumbling on her way up the climbing frame!

Food, Beverage, and Party Needs

Amazonia’s bistroAmazonia’s bistro is now able to seat over 100 people and features an extensive menu of starters, main courses, and dessert. Time for lunch or dinner? There are Fish Fingers for the little ones, Beef Rendang for Dad, and a Smoked Salmon Poke Bowl for Mum!

Everyday F&B aside, Amazonia’s party rooms will definitely be on your child’s wish list once they have a peek of them. There’s a Space-themed one for the robot-crazy one, and a Fantasy Land Princess party room for the girliest of girls.

Better Than Ever

Indoor Playground at Great World City, Amazonia SingaporeA change is always good and the same is true about the Amazonia indoor playground. I’ve heard the playground gets really busy on the weekends, and understandably so! If you’re looking to check out a new indoor playground with your children, schedule Amazonia in this weekend.


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