Love In Art: Sculptures Which Communicate Beyond Words

Love In Art: Sculptures Which Communicate Beyond Words

For those taking a stroll around Singapore’s public spaces, there are public art works and sculptures that are easy to appreciate. And, if the purpose of art is to communicate and evoke human emotions, there are some public sculptures and artworks in Singapore which do help to convey the meaning of love. Here are some of them located around the city.


Love by Robert IndianaOriginally installed in 1993 close to the Glass House (anyone remember TGIFridays and Fish & Co being located there?) at Park Mall, the Love sculpture is one in a series of works created by American artist Robert Indiana.

The design was originally intended for print and was first rendered as a sculpture in 1970. Today, versions of the Love sculpture appear all around the world with variations of the sculpture featuring the word “Love” in languages other than English.

The Love sculpture in Singapore comes with a blue front and green on the sides. It can now be found at Winsland Plaza between Winsland House I & II.

Land Before Time

Land Before TimeOutside Paragon, there is a a collection of six sculptures which have been inspired by stone age cave paintings. The Land Before Time is a work by artist Sun Yu-li which hopes to provide a link between the bustling modernity of Orchard Road and the activities of ancient civilisations – the link being our common humanity.

One of the sculptures show a parent and child hand-in-hand, an act of love and care.

Mother & Child

Mother & ChildMother & Child is a work by the sculptor Ng Eng Teng who has been described as the grandfather of Singapore sculpture. This sculpture is located in front of Orchard Parade Hotel.

Ng is quoted as having said, “Humanity begins with the family, parents and children, their upbringing and relationships. So the mother and child theme has been very prominent in my work.”

Another Mother and Child sculpture by Ng Eng Teng is set to go on display in front of the National Gallery Singapore in 2019.

Happy Family of Five

Happy Family of FiveStanding in front of Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, Happy Family of Five is a work that was commission in 2012 in conjunction with the national arts centre’s 10th anniversary. It depicts the family in a relaxed manner, enjoy the Forecourt Garden where it is located. The sculpture is the work of Chua Boon Kee.

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