SuperPark Singapore At Suntec: High-Energy Activities And Game Arenas That’ll Get You Moving

Get ready to get sporty!

SuperPark Singapore: Game Arenas And Stations That'll Get You Moving

Looking for the next big thing to visit? Superpark Singapore – originally from Finland – is finally here and we made our way down to the park at Suntec City to try our hands and feet at the activities that are available.

SuperPark Singapore at Suntec is set apart by its obstacles and activities catering to a wide age group, so the young and young at heart can all have a Super great time!

With over 23 different game arenas and stations to visit, read on to find out which ones you should visit first to maximise your visit.

Full Body Workout

Ninja Track at SuperPark SingaporeHead on over to the Ninja track which is a miniature version of a Ninja Warrior obstacle course. For those who want to try gymnastics, there’s an area which has blocks and mats to practice tumbling, cartwheels and high jumps!

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Trampoline Section, SuperPark SingaporeOne of the main highlights that sure to get you some cardio is SuperPark Singapore’s trampoline section! Although the trampoline section is not as large as trampoline parks, there are many creative trampoline games and activities in this area for everyone!

The sponge pit comes with a rock climbing wall at one end.

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A Little Adrenaline Rush

Tube Slide at SuperPark SingaporeOne of our favourite activities at SuperPark Singapore was the Tube Slide.

Tube Slide activity at SuperPark SingaporePlayers can pull their tube up to the second story and “whoosh” their way to the bottom. Remember to hold on tight as you do!

Flying FoxAnother fun one was the Flying Fox, which is fun for both kids and adults!

Skate and Scoot World, SuperPark SingaporeFor skaters who want a new place to practice and show off their moves, there is a huge section of SuperPark Singapore dedicated to the Skate and Scoot World! Bring your own skateboard or scooters, or borrow it from the park to nail that Ollie and Tre Flip!

Do note that covered shoes are required for this activity.

Test Your Reflexes

Baseball cage at SuperPark SingaporePut your hand-eye coordination to the test at the baseball cage! Enter the net and put on your helmet as you try to get the highest score by hitting the balls as many times as possible.

Bonding Time with Little Ones

Kids Gym for younger children at SuperPark SingaporeSuperPark Singapore caters to parents with little kids too! In fact, the SuperPark concept was inspired by a Finnish dad’s desire to play side by side with his daughter. Therefore, you’ll be happy to know that sections such as the kid’s gym which cater to kids under 100cm.

Sliding MountainTry out the Sliding Mountain that allows parents and children to scale it side by side. (And slide down together after!)

Test Your Strength

Climbing wall at SuperPark SingaporeOne good way to test your arm and leg strength is through climbing. We were happy to find a familiar “Clip and Climb” section at SuperPark Singapore. On our previous visit to Clip ‘n Climb at Our Tampines Hub, one of our favourite walls was the Speed Climb. This activity has been brought in to SuperPark Singapore at Suntec City along with two other walls of varied difficulties.

Accuracy Counts

Robot KeeperThink you have a sharp eye or lightning fast reflexes? Go head on with the Robot Keeper as you try to score a goal (trust us, it’s not as easy as it sounds).

Super bowlingThere is also Superball and Super Bowling which tests accuracy – see how many points you can score as a team or individually.

Hot Step stationsThere are also Hot Step stations which act as a warm-up for both agility and accuracy. Can you beat our score of 49 on your first try?

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Tech Geeks

Activities for kids at SuperPark SingaporeThe use of technology at SuperPark was really impressive, and there’s an I-wall where visitors can choose from a variety of games to play using their bodies as the remote.

SuperPark Singapore: Game Arenas And Stations That'll Get You MovingThe most innovative one, however, would have had to be the e-trampoline in the trampoline section where players can see their augmented version of themselves perform a series of tasks – all while jumping on the trampoline.

Augmented climb wallOur personal favourite was the augmented climb which has many different interactive e-activities to choose as well as adjustable difficulty levels. This is a great station for groups and we predict it will be highly popular.

Competitive vs Cooperative

Go karts at SuperPark SingaporeAt the end of the day, SuperPark Singapore is the most fun with company – whether you’re out for a friendly competition or to test out your teamwork.

Besides the the various stations mentioned above, you can also hit the yellow puck in Air Hockey, and of course, the pedal car which allows racing on a car down the track with your squad.

Bowing at SuperPark SingaporeBefore you make your way down to SuperPark Singapore at Suntec City, here are some tips to take note of:

1. Wear covered shoes and sign the waiver form online before going to save time as well as ensure that you can try all the different stations.

2. Take note that there is only one toilet located at the second level of the park

3. There are height requirements for each of the activities. Parents with little ones, you may wish to start with a single session entry pass instead of a full day pass – in case there are limits to the activities that the kids can play with due to high constraints.

You can book your tickets and find more information at

Have a Super fun time!

SuperPark Singapore at Suntec City

SuperPark Singapore, Suntec City MallWhere: #02-477, Suntec City (North Wing), 3 Temasek Boulevard, Tower 1, Singapore 038989
Monday – Friday, 10 am to 9 pm
Sat, Sun, Public and School Holidays, 9 am to 9 pm

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