Jem Play Playground: New Netted Playground In The West

Jem Play Playground Version 2.0

The Jem Play Playground has been renovated.

The old mudskipper playground on the fifth floor of the Jurong East shopping mall has now taken on a new form.

Netted Playground

Overview of Jem Play PlaygroundThe Jem Play Playground is now a bespoke netted playground with a water play area.

The red-and-orange playground has a play structure that is broadly made up of three hexagonal-shaped sections, juxtaposed next to each other.

Netted Bridge at Jem Play PlaygroundTwo of these hexagons are connected by a netted bridge. Kids can enter the netted play area from an entranceway at one of the hexagonal shapes, clamour up the netted bridge and make their wa across the netted passageway to the other side.

Seats and Climbing Structure at Jem Play PlaygroundThere are also triangular-shaped rubber mats which can dual-purpose as stepping stones or hanging seats for kids to play on.

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Trampolines at Jem Play PlaygroundNearby, another new play feature of the Jem Play Playground are two hexagonal rubber trampolines, sunk into the ground. They provide kids with a way to bounce about and expend some energy by catching some “airtime”.

Tunnel at Jem Play PlaygroundFrom jumping in the air to climbing through the ground, the new Jem Play Playground also has a short little tunnel that little ones can climb through. Here, they can imagine they are little creatures scurrying through the ground.

Water Play at Jem Play Playground

Those looking to cool off will appreciate the Jem Play Playground’s unique water play feature.

Pond at Jem Play PlaygroundIndividual streams of water create a water curtain that kids can run through. A shallow pool of water provides a place for kids to splash about.

Fountain Jets at Jem Play PlaygroundThere are also little fountain jet areas for little ones to have some fun in.

Netted Play at Jem

Netted Tunnel at Jem Play PlaygroundThe new Jem Play Playground complements the playground’s existing netted tunnel which can still be found in an alcove around the corner.

Mudskippers at Jem ParkFor those who may miss the old green mudskippers, there is no need to lament. The pair of mudskippers have been relocated to their new home, one floor above the new Jem Play Playground.

The revamped Jem Play Playground is now open.

Jem Play Shopping Mall Playground

Address: 5th floor, 50 Jurong Gateway Road, Singapore 608549


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