Book Review: Fish In A Tree By Lynda Mullaly Hunt

Book Review: Fish In A Tree By Lynda Mullaly Hunt

Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt is a novel speaks to every child who has ever felt out of place in school. It is a story about discovering one’s abilities and the power of having friends that can be counted on.

The Life of Ally

When we first meet Ally Nickerson, she is already in trouble with her teacher, Mrs Hall. Ally is constantly being sent to the Principal’s Office and is convinced that her classmates and teachers hate her.

Ally also has to contend with Shay, the popular girl in the school, who bullies her because she does not seem to fit in with the others.

In Ally’s mind, days as being divided into silver dollar days – the good ones – and wooden nickel days – the bad days. For her, most days are wooden nickel days.

When Mrs Hall goes on maternity leave, her replacement is a new teacher, Mr Daniels.

Brimming with enthusiasm, Mr Daniels is the sort of teacher who relates to each student differently – each as an individual.

As the term progresses, Ally gets to know two fellow students better, straight-talking Keisha and brainy Albert. As all three are outsiders who don’t fit in, they soon form a special friendship with each other.

Mr Daniels also uncovers that Ally has a learning difficulty which is causing her to struggle academically in school.

With the support of Mr Daniels and her friends, Ally learns valuable lessons about tackling her learning difficulty and overcoming her self-doubt.

Fish in a Tree: A Novel from the Heart

Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt is a heart-warming novel. It is a positive story about childhood struggles and the impact that a good teacher and one or two true friends can have on a person.

Written from Ally’s view point, Hunt provides the reader with a delightful insight into her inner thoughts and wit-isms. The book is also filled with nuggets of wisdom, reminding readers to find the grit to overcome life’s obstacles.

Fish in a Tree is recommended for tweens. It was first published in 2015.

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