Swings at Singapore Botanic Gardens: Frangipani Collection

Frangipani Collection, Singapore Botanic Gardens

Mention the words “play” and “Singapore Botanic Gardens” in the same sentence and the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden would likely come to mind. However, there is another spot filled with playground equipment at Singapore’s UNESCO World Heritage Site – the Frangipani Collection.

Collection of Swings

Frangipani GardenAmongst the frangipani trees and their craggily branches is a collection of swings. More than 10 of these swings – the garden variety – can be found scattered around the lawn of Singapore Botanic Gardens’ Frangipani Collection.

Swings at Frangipani CollectionAnd when we say garden variety swings, we mean exactly that. The swings are the sort often found in the gardens of landed homes.

Garden swingsSuspended from a trapezoid frame, the swing consists of a pair of seats for two facing each other and a platform.

These portable swings adorn the Frangipani Collection. They present an unexpected find for the casual visitor who happens to be passing by. Collectively, they invite people to linger for a while and enjoy a moment of suspended delight swaying in the garden.

Nurturing – A Tender Sculpture

Vanessa Marston's Nurturing sculpture, Singapore Botanic GardensAnother feature found at the Frangipani Collection that brings about delight is sculpture Nurturing. This bronze piece is created by British sculptor Vanessa Marston.

The work consists of two figures under a frangipani tree. One is of a lady holding a water can and the other is a girl, seated on the ground and looking on with an earnest gaze. It is a reflective and tender work of art.

Dedication of the sculpture NurturingA simple plaque by the sculpture reads “Dedicated to Doris Thomas and remembering her love of plants and people. December 2011”.

The sculpture Nurturing was donated by a member of the public, Myma Thomas, in memory of her late mother, Doris Thomas, who loved Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Finding The Frangipani Collection, Singapore Botanic Gardens

The Frangipani Collection at Singapore Botanic Gardens can be found in the Tanglin Core, close to the Sundial Garden and Bonsai Garden.

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