Rainforest Lumina: Enchanting Night Walk Through Singapore Zoo

Rainforest Lumina, Singapore Zoo

Journey along a Luminous Pathway, heed the Call of the Wild and reflect in the glow of Shimmering Islands as night falls and Rainforest Lumina awakens at the Singapore Zoo from 1 July onwards.

Rainforest Lumina is a multi-sensorial experience that casts the Singapore Zoo in new light, for a season. On this multimedia night walk through the Zoo, visitors will pass through different zones which will evoke emotions like wonder, serenity and enchantment through the use of lighting, special effects and music.

Enter the Rainforest at Night

Step through the Arch into Rainforest Lumina, Singapore ZooThe Rainforest Lumina experience starts as you step through the Arch. The sound of music fills the air as you make your way forward towards the Garden of Virtues.

In case you are wondering, you won’t encounter any real animals at Rainforest Lumina as the Singapore Zoo’s animals would have been kept away for the night. In their place are the Creature Crew, virtual character mascots whom you get introduced to at the Garden of Virtues.

Introducing The Creature Crew

The Creature CrewThe Creature Crew includes Tairee the White Tiger who represents courage, Waja the Pangolin representing resilience and Maya the Orang Utan for creativity. The other members of the Creature Crew include a flying fox, sloth, chameleon, hornbill and small-clawed otter.

Choose your virtue and the Creature Crew at Rainforest LuminaChoose an animal that best represents you and pick up a bracelet from the basket in front of the animal to join the crew.

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The Creature Crew’s motto is “We are One”. This signifies that Crew’s belief that every species – whether animal and human – is inter-connected and has the power to give back to the rainforest.

Light Huts
Image: Moment Factory

This narrative flows throughout Rainforest Lumina’s various zones where theatrical lighting, special effects and stirring music combine to make you believe that you have wandered into an enchanted forest.

Night Walk at Singapore ZooRainforest Lumina's Shimmering IslandsThe range of moods created run the gamut from adventurous to the mysterious to the surreal.

Interactive Experiences

Visitors will encounter the Creature Crew as they journey through the enchanted world.

Sing Like An Animal
Image: Moment Factory

At Sing Like An Animal, visitors can call forth the Creature Crew with song.

The Call of the Wild
Image: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

The Call of the Wild makes use of visual storytelling to tell of how the Creature Crew bands together in times of adversity to protect the rainforest.

Play Like An Animal, Rainforest Lumina
Image: Moment Factory

Visitors can have fun bouncing along with the Creature Crew at the highly interactive Play Like An Animal.

Wall of Fame
Image: Moment Factory

At the end of the night walk, make use of the bracelet to take a picture as a keepsake of the visit.

Illuminating The Way

“Beyond being a multimedia attraction, the deeper message of Rainforest Lumina is a call for everyone to come together to protect and preserve the wildlife we share our planet with,” said Mr Mike Barclay, Group CEO of Mandai Park Holdings.

Shimmering IslandsRainforest Lumina is part of Singapore Zoo’s 45th anniversary celebrations. It is created by award-winning multimedia entertainment studio Moment Factory and has been set up to minimise disturbance to the park’s animals and the area’s native wildlife.

The multimedia night walk opens to the public from Sunday, 1 July onwards. Tickets are priced at $22 for adults and $16 for children aged 3 to 12.

Rainforest Lumina at Singapore Zoo

Date: From 1 July 2018
Time: 7.30 pm to midnight. Last admission at 10.30 pm
Length of Trail: 1 km

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