Sporty And Active Wet Weather Activities In Singapore

Sporty And Active Ideas For What To Do When It Is Raining In Singapore
Photo by Reza Shayestehpour on Unsplash

Don’t let rainy days in Singapore stop you from staying active. Yes, it may be pouring outside but there are still fun and sporty things to do when it is raining in Singapore. For those who are itching to get out and get active, here are some sporty wet weather activities in Singapore you can do even when it is raining outside.

Sporty, Active Wet Weather Activities In Singapore

Rock Climbing

Climb Central - Rock Climbing

There are plenty of indoor rock climbing walls in Singapore. Scale up the indoor climbing walls of climbing gyms such as Climb Central at Singapore Sports Hub, Clip N Climb at Our Tampines Hub and My Little Climbing Room for little ones. When the rain comes down, it is not only the umbrella that needs to go up, you can too!

Dodge Ball & Trampolining

Dodge Ball, Zoom Park Asia
Image: Zoom Park Asia

Don’t just dodge puddles when it is raining in Singapore, play dodge ball instead. Trampoline parks in Singapore such as Zoom Park Asia and Katapult Trampoline Park have dodge ball courts where you can play and bounce about even while it is raining in Singapore.

Splash About Indoors

Splash @ Kidz AmazeJust ‘cause it is raining outside doesn’t mean that you can’t splash about indoors. SAFRA Punggol’s Splash @ Kidz Amaze is an indoor water park where kids from 18 months to 13 years old can have fun in any weather. Those who want to get in some serious laps can do so at Singapore Sports Hub’s sheltered Olympic pool.


Homerun Baseball

Want to give an out-of-the-ordinary sporting activity a try? How about baseball for a wet weather activity in Singapore? Homerun Baseball Batting Cage at Pandan Gardens is an indoor baseball facility where you can batter up even on rainy days in Singapore. Swing by to swing a bat in the batting cage.



It may be difficult to play badminton outdoors when it is raining in Singapore but you can still book an indoor court to play this popular racquet game. Check a nearby community club or sports halls for court availability and get rallying.


Prawning at Fish@Bugis+Not exactly sport fishing but prawning can still offer plenty of fun and thrills. At indoor prawning spots such as Fish @ Bugis+, you can haul in the catch where it is rain or shine outside. A great wet weather activity in Singapore.

Jogging Under Shelter

Jogging Track, Our Tampines HubNeed to get in some distance but confounded by the rainy weather in Singapore? Our Tampines Hub’s sheltered jogging track is great for joggers who want to get in a run even when it is raining in Singapore. Another wet weather alternative is the National Stadium’s 888-metre-long, sheltered 100PLUS running track.



Hit the lanes and go bowling on a rainy day in Singapore. For kids and others who need a little assistance, pick a bowling alley where the lanes are equipped with guide rails help to keep the ball from rolling into the gutter – just for that little bit of encouragement! Little ones can also check out the bowling game at Timezone’s flagship outlet at VivoCity.

Ice Skating

Skating at The Rink - Sporty, Active Things To Do When It Is Raining In Singapore

Can’t go inline skating because it is pouring outside, how about ice skating instead as a wet weather activity in Singapore? Ice skating is a sporty alternative to heading to the parks when it is raining in Singapore. Skate over to one of the ice skating rinks in Singapore found in Jurong and Kallang.

Obstacle Course

Obstacle Course at Let 'em Play -Sporty And Active Ideas For What To Do When It Is Raining In Singapore

Tackle a high elements course even when it is raining in Singapore at Let ‘em Play. The two-story-high, indoor course features 15 different obstacles and is suitable for both adults and children. Challenge yourself and you are sure to forget about the rain pouring down outside.

Laser Tag

Laser Tag at Laser Ops

If you have ever strapped on a laser tag vest and run around trying to shoot others while avoiding being shot, you know how much of a workout laser tag can be. You can play this indoor shooting game with friends at various laser tag arenas in Singapore. A more recent alternative are VR shooting games where you can try taking down zombies and other baddies instead.

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