Splash and Dine: Unique Restaurants

Splash and Dine: Royal Albatross Sunset Sail
Photo: Royal Albatross

Looking for a unique experience for your next meal? Dive into these dining spots which provide a mix of good food and water-themed fun.


Sandbank920 East Coast Parkway, #01-28/32 Parkland Green, Singapore 449875

Sandbank has a casual, family-friendly feel with a view of the waters off East Coast Park. Its menu of international favourites includes pastas, pizzas, burgers and mains such as fish and chips. Sandbank has a 15-metre plunge pool which spans the front of the outlet – a feature that will no doubt provide the kids with amazing, splashing fun.

Smith Marine Floating Restaurant

Smith Marine Sure-Catch Fish PondPulau Ubin Coastal Waters. Take a ferry from Changi Point Ferry Terminal smithmarine.com.sg

Catch a fish in the middle of the sea next to Pulau Ubin and have it freshly cooked for you at Smith Marine, the modern kelong restaurant off the coast of Changi. This uniquely located restaurant provides an opportunity for family and friends to enjoy the sea breeze, laid-back vibes and fresh seafood. Reservations are a must. Read more.

Royal Albatross

Royal Albatross Sunset Sail
Photo: Albatross

8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269

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Dine under the four masts of the Royal Albatross, a wooden vessel that exemplifies the romance of the age of sail. The 47-metre-long tall ship’s galley is open on selected days of the week when docked and welcomes visitors with a hearty menu of starters, pizzas, mains and desserts. A kids menu is available for little ones as well.

Wave House Sentosa

Splash and Dine at Wave House Sentosa: Flow Rider
Photo: Wave House Sentosa

Siloso Beach, Sentosa

Hang out by the beach and dine at Wave House Sentosa. Its restaurant serves a selection of appetizers, pastas, seafood and mains. You can get a view of riders carving up the waves on the Flowrider at the same time – and perhaps have a go at it yourself too. 

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