Seletar Mall Playground: Play Spot On The Rooftop

Seletar Mall Playground is located in a corner of the Sengkang shopping mall’s fourth floor. This rooftop shopping centre playground provides children, two to 12 years old, with outdoor play opportunities.

Outdoor Play

Main play structure, The Seletar Mall PlaygroundThe main play structure here is a low climbing structure. On one side, its façade consists of a red fire engine while its other side is designed to look like a house. It has a blue slide and little rope ladders for kids to climb.

Connected to this main play structure are two smaller satellite “towers”. Each of these towers has their own yellow slide. One of the towers is connected by a rope obstacle bridge while the other is connected via a yellow walkway. There are also ramps with climbing holds for kids to climb up the play structure along with a set of stairs at one end.

The main play structure at Seletar Mall Playground is located under a triangular tarp for shade.

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Wooden climbing tower at the rooftop playground at The Seletar MallFurther in, there is a second play structure. This piece of play equipment consists of a wooden tower with two climbing nets. One of these climbing nets is strung vertically for children to climb upwards while the other is slung out horizontally, like a hammock, for kids to trample across.

Low Swings and Teeter-Totters

Hammock swingsTeeter-totters at The Seletar Mall PlaygroundOther play equipment around Seletar Mall Playground include teeter-totters for young children and low, hammock-shaped swings.

A thoughtful feature of Seletar Mall Playground is the seating provided for parents and caregivers around the edge of the play area. Ledge seating provides a chance for the supervising adults to rest their feet. At intervals along the way, there are also bus stop look-a-like shelters to provide some measure of shade.

Seletar Mall Playground

Seletar Mall Playground is open between 8 am and 11 pm for children between two to 12 years old.

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