6 Prudential Marina Bay Carnival Rides You Should Know About

Das Fun Schiff, Prudential Marina Bay Carnival Rides

The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival brings a dose of fairground fun to the bay with more than 40 rides and carnival game stalls. Many of the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival rides and attractions have been brought in from overseas. With such a wide variety of rides, there is something to cater to all ages, from the seasoned thrillseeker to those getting on rides for the first time.

If you are wondering what kind of rides you can find at the fair, here are six Prudential Marina Bay Carnival rides that you should know about.

Mach 5

Mach 5Mach 5As you approach the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival, you will no doubt see (and hear) the Mach 5 ride. Spinning round and round at up to 130 km/h and sending riders up to 55 metres high, Mach 5 is a Prudential Marina Bay Carnival ride that is sure to get thrillseekers rushing for the queue.

Euro Coaster

Euro CoasterRiding on yellow rails, this rollercoaster sends cars with four persons in them on a twirly ride with a series of ups and downs. Perfect for those who want a moderate taste of thrills.

Jungle River

Jungle RiverGet on board a boat and float along the Jungle River. This Prudential Marina Bay Carnival ride has two slopes. The gradient of the first slope is quite gentle but the second one is guaranteed to make a splash!

Das Fun Schiff

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Das Fun SchiffThe swinging Viking ship is a carnival classic, and for good reason too. This rockin’ fun ride will elicit screams of joy (or perhaps fear) as it sends riders up and down.

Shark Coaster

Shark CoasterThis Prudential Marina Bay Carnival ride is an ideal starter-coaster to introduce young kids to “thrill” rides. The cartoonish shark swoops gentle up and down and around the tracks.

Star Flyer

Star FlyerThe Star Flyer is the centrepiece of the fairground at The Promontory. At the Star Flyer, riders take a seat in a swing chair and are lifted into their air and given a twirl up in the air. Perfect for taking in the views of the Marina Bay.

Other Prudential Marina Bay Carnival Rides

Besides the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival rides listed above, there are plenty of  kid-friendly rides available too.

Dumbo Ride, Prudential Marina Bay CarnivalThese include a Dumbo Ride, Bounce and Spin and a Carousel. At The Promontory fairground, there is even a Trampoline area and Inflatable Park that kids will love bouncing around in.

The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival will operate till 1 April 2018. Admission to the fairgrounds are free but you will need to pay to go on the rides and attractions.

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