Our Little Day Out: Dr Lee Song Choon, Deputy Director, KidsSTOP and Life Sciences, Science Centre Singapore

Dr Lee Song Choon, Deputy Director, KidsSTOP, Science Centre Singapore
Dr Lee Song Choon, Deputy Director of KidsSTOP, Science Centre Singapore

Little Day Out speaks with Dr Lee Song Choon, Deputy Director of KidsSTOP and Life Sciences, Science Centre Singapore, as part of the Our Little Day Out interview series to obtain a down-to-earth insight on what other families do, why they do so and where they go.

Dr Lee is a scientist by training and joined Science Centre Singapore in 2011 as Head of Life Sciences. Since 2017, he also oversees the management and operations of KidsSTOPTM, Singapore’s first Children Science Centre, making science fun and enjoyable for people of all ages. He is married and has a three-year-old daughter.

Where are your favourite places with the kids?

Dr Lee: There are certainly many more options for kids nowadays compared to when I was a kid! Our favourite places are Gardens by the Bay, Botanic Gardens, Singapore Zoo, Science Centre Singapore and of course KidsSTOPTM! These places offer different experiences to young children, allowing them to explore nature, plants, animals and science in authentic settings. They are also very family-friendly with lots of fun activities for the family to do and bond together.

What activities do you engage in as a family?

Dr Lee: We take walks, play ball games in the park, go on play dates with our friends’ kids who are all around the same age.

Where are your favourite familial dining haunts?

Dr Lee: House @ Dempsey, Bakerzin and Rider’s Café. Most of the time though, we prepare our own meals at home!

Where have you holidayed as a family, and what’s next on the passports?

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Dr Lee: We have been to Taiwan and Hong Kong for family holidays. There are no immediate plans but perhaps we’ll be off to Australia for a farm stay!

Why do you value family time?

Dr Lee: Similar to a majority of young families, both of us are working professionals who spend long hours at work. After deducting the time spent doing housework and other matters, there’s not much left for family time so we really treasure our time spent with our kid. Moreover, they grow up way too fast and too soon, and then they would rather go out with their friends than you!

How has your family benefited from little days out?

Dr Lee: My kid enjoys exploring different places and seeing how things she read about or saw images of come alive. For instance, having real encounters with animals in their natural habitat are different from seeing them in a book! Of course, it’s a great way for the family to bond too. I feel this is more valuable than just having them watch youtube videos or playing games on tablets.

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