Mobile Device Lockers At McDonald’s Marine Cove To Encourage Quality Family Time

Mobile Phone Lockers at McDonald's Marine Cove

McDonald’s Singapore has introduced mobile device lockers at their flagship Marine Cove restaurant as a way to encourage families to spend more quality time with together.

McDonald’s Marine Cove’s Mobile Device Lockers

Based on a survey of 302 parents conducted by McDonald’s, 98% of parents and 91% of kids used mobile devices when together as a family. 69% of parents surveyed and 72% of kids used the mobile devices during meal times.

McDonald's Singapore's Mobile Device LockersWith the intent of fostering healthier interactions among family members, mobile device lockers have been introduced at McDonald’s Marine Cove. This outlet is especially popular with families with young children because of the lighthouse-inspired Marine Cove playground just beside it.

Mobile Device Lockers At McDonald’s Marine CoveWith McDonald’s Marine Cove’s mobile device lockers, parents and kids can stow away their mobile devices safely under lock and key while at the restaurant.

This novel idea is intended to create a more conducive setting for family interactions by eliminating distractions and compelling family members to be more “present” while having a meal together.

Phone Off, Fun On Lockers. McDonald’s Marine Cove’s Mobile Device LockersMcDonald’s Marine Cove’s mobile phone lockers initiative, dubbed Phone Off, Fun On, is the first of its kind in Singapore.

Table Service At McDonald’s Marine Cove Outlet

Another innovative idea being piloted at McDonald’s Marine Cove is table service.

Customers who place orders at the restaurant’s self-ordering can select a table service option. Once the food order has been submitted, they can proceed to sit down. Guest Experience Leaders will then serve the food to the table once ready.

According to McDonald’s, this is to allow parents to spend more time looking after their children rather than waiting to collect their meals.

Free Apple Slices With Happy Meals On Weekends in October 2017

Additionally, for the month of October 2017, McDonald’s Singapore is also rewarding customers who buy Happy Meals on weekends with free apple slices as a way to encourage kids to eat more fruit.

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