Clip ‘n Climb at HomeTeamNS, Our Tampines Hub: Rock Climbing Theme Park

Clip 'n Climb at HomeTeamNS, Our Tampines Hub

For rock climbing enthusiasts or those who are just interested in trying out the sport, Clip ‘n Climb at HomeTeamNS, Our Tampines Hub is definitely a MUST-VISIT indoor rock climbing facility in Singapore. This climbing park is sure to excite climbers of all skill levels. The facility features 19 exciting colourful climbing challenges with different difficulties. We heard so much about it, we just had to head down and try it for ourselves! Here are some of the things we loved about it.

For Climbers of All Abilities

Clip ‘n Climb is open to climbers of all ages. Climbers need only meet a weight requirement of 10kg to 150kg to participate.

Briefing at Clip 'n ClimbWhen we were there, our group consisted of children and adults of different ages. We were given a safety briefing by our friendly, interactive and skilled instructor.

Briefing at Clip 'n ClimbThe instructors at Clip and Climb are trained and seasoned climbers. They are not only trained to guide climbers but also to aid them if they get stuck on the walls.

Clip ‘n Climb uses an auto-belay system. This system frees up climbers from having to take turns being on the ground belaying one another. Instead, everyone can be on the wall having fun together.

Climb On!

Once we got the green light to start climbing, the toughest decision was choosing which wall to start with!

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Signboard at Clip 'n Climb's WallsSurrounded by walls of all different colours, textures and shapes, we decided to choose the first wall based on the difficulty. This is indicated by the number of “clips”, ranging from one to three, for the wall.

Climbing Walls at Clip 'n ClimbEach wall features a series of challenges which climbers can complete to improve their skill, as well as to earn bragging rights. Once at the top, climbers can press the button to light up a sign and indicate the end of a successful climb.

Reaching the top of the wallFrom the top, make your way back down to the ground and get ready for the next challenge!

Themed Walls at Clip ‘n Climb

Climbing WallEach Clip ‘n Climb wall has its own unique theme.

Ice picks for the Dry Ice WallFor example, the “Dry Ice” wall mimics climbing a mountain with ice picks (be sure to bring both ice picks down on your descent…oops.).

Spaghetti WallAt “Spaghetti Junction”, climbers have to hang on to the long strings instead of the conventional “rocks”. At the “Caving Ladder”, you get to make your way up the rainbow ladder and get greeted by a fantastic view of the outside of the facility when you reach the top!

Fun Bonding For Family and Friends

Climbing at Clip 'n ClimbClip ‘n Climb is a great place to bond with family and friends due to the interactive nature of each wall. The unique challenges of the many walls keep each climb different and interesting.

Climbers can race one another in a literal “climb-off” in the “Face-To-Face” wall, or race the clock on the “Speed Climb” where climbers press the button at the bottom to start the timer and race up to press the button on top to stop it!

Climbing the CloudsIt is an especially fun experience for parents and children attempting it together. You can hear shouts of encouragement such as, “Go, mummy! You can do it! Just let go! Don’t scared!” as parents and kids attempt the challenges together.

Before we knew it, the 90-minutes allocated for our session was over. Many of us wished we had more time to attempt the walls again! As a parting gift, the instructors gathered the climbers for a group picture to remember the experience by.

Clip ‘n Climb at HomeTeamNS, Our Tampines Hub is an experience we would highly recommend if you’re looking for a unique, fun way to spend the day. It is sure to give you memories to keep for a long time to come!

Clip ‘n Climb, Climbing Wall at Our Tampines Hub

Tips for Visiting Clip ‘n Climb

  • Do call to make bookings in advance as there are allocated timeslots to climb.
  • Clip ‘n Climb offers complimentary usage of their lockers and water was also available for purchase at the counter.
  • Note that climbers have to be properly attired in covered sports shoes. Long track pants are recommended.

Clip ‘n Climb at HomeTeamNS, Our Tampines Hub

Address: Our Tampines Hub, 51 Tampines Ave 4 #03-03, Singapore 529684

Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday: 12 pm to 9 pm, except 1st Monday of every month: 2 pm to 9 pm;
Friday and Saturday: 10 am to 11 pm;
Sunday and Public Holidays: 10 am to 9 pm;
School Holidays and Eve of Public Holidays: 10 am to 11 pm.

Charges: From $18 for 90 minutes. Passion Card/SAFRA Members enjoy discounted rates. Visit their website for more details.



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