Kent Ridge Park: Tranquility in the Woods

Lookout Point at Kent Ridge Park

Today, Kent Ridge Park is such a peaceful spot that it is easy to forget that it was once the scene of fierce fighting during the closing days of the Battle of Singapore. It was deliberately preserved as a nature spot in homage to the events that took place on the ridge.

Looking beyond its historical significance, the park is a beautifully green corridor and a part of the Southern Ridges walk. It is rarely crowded and quiet to the extent of almost being introspective.

Formerly known as Pasir Panjang Ridge, it was renamed Kent Ridge Park in 1954 to commemorate the visit of the Duchess of Kent and her son, the Duke of Kent, in 1952 to inspect the military facilities there.

Marker at junction of South Buona Vista Road and Kent Ridge Road "The Gap" commemorating the naming of Kent Ridge Park.
Marker at junction of South Buona Vista Road and Kent Ridge Road “The Gap” commemorating the naming of Kent Ridge Park.

Instead of military buildings, here is what you can see and do at the tranquil Kent Ridge Park.

Walk along the Ridge

Kent Ridge ParkAt the top of Kent Ridge Park is a paved walk under beautiful trees. From here, you can head up to the lookout point to view the coastline.

View from Kent Ridge Lookout Point
View from Kent Ridge Lookout Point
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From its high vantage point, it is clear to see why the location was of strategic importance back in World War 2.

Canopy Walk

Canopy Walk, Kent Ridge Park
Canopy Walk, Kent Ridge Park

At the eastern end of the park, a 280-metre-long boardwalk connects Kent Ridge Park to Pepys Road where you can trek on to HortPark, Telok Blangah Hill Park and Mount Faber as part of the Southern Ridges Walk.

View from Canopy Walk
View from Canopy Walk

Along Canopy Walk, you can take in a commanding view of the Alexandra area and HortPark below.

Reflections at Bukit Chandu

Reflections at Bukit ChanduThe Reflections at Bukit Chandu World War 2 interpretive centre is located at the Pepys Road end of Canopy Walk. It provides insights to those who wish to learn more about the area’s history and the heroic actions of the Malay Regiment that defended the hill. The centre can also reached by car via Pepys Road.

Nature Walk

Nature Trail at Kent Ridge ParkJust off Kent Ridge Park’s Carpark A is a Nature Walk that takes you on a trail through the secondary forest. It is advised to be properly attired and to have bug repellant handy if you are intending to embark on this nature walk.

Mountain Biking Trail

Mountain biking trailClose to the Nature Walk is a mountain biking trail. It is designed for intermediate to advanced mountain bikers and makes a loop around the forest at Kent Ridge.


Kent Ridge Park Pond
Kent Ridge Park Pond

Kent Ridge Park has two natural ponds. They are tucked away at the northeastern end of the park close to Science Park Drive. The ponds are home to a population of dragonflies and has a section designated for fishing.

Fitness Areas

Fitness Areas at Kent Ridge Park
Fitness Stations at Kent Ridge Park

Close to Carpark B, there are a series of exercise stations along a terrace at Kent Ridge Park.


Children's playground at the base of Kent Ridge Park
Children’s playground at the base of Kent Ridge Park

Hidden at the southern end of Kent Ridge Park is a children’s playground. The Vista Park Open Space is at the base of a long flight of stairs leading down from the top of the ridge. This also means that it is a long way back up. The playground has simple play equipment and swings and is connected to Springwood Height road.

Kent Ridge Park

Location: Vigilante Drive, off South Buona Vista Road

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