Arrival of Tree Kangaroo Joey Makes Singapore Zoo Home to Five of the Endangered Species

Singapore Zoo's Goodfellow Tree Kangaroo Joey

Very soon, lucky visitors to Singapore Zoo may be able to see a young female Goodfellow’s tree kangaroo joey at the Australasia zone.

It’s a Girl

The yet-to-be-named joey is the offspring of Toea and Blue who can be found at the outdoor exhibit area of the Australasia zone.

The baby Goodfellow’s tree kangaroo was born between July and August last year. At that time, she was jellybean-sized and, like all marsupials, she lived in her mother’s pouch.

It was only in January this year that she peeking out her hairless head from Blue’s pouch.

Yet to be named, the female joey sits comfortably in the safety of mom Blue’s pouch as she takes in her new surroundings. Visitors can soon view the pair at the outdoor exhibit of Singapore Zoo’s Australasian zone.
Yet to be named, the female joey sits comfortably in the safety of mom Blue’s pouch as she takes in her new surroundings.

As she approaches her first birthday, she has grown to become more confident about exploring life outside her mother’s pouch. She has been more frequently leaving the pouch to practise her climbing and jumping skills. Although she occasionally returns to Blue’s pouch for milk, she has also been eating fruit and vegetables such as brinjals, corn, long beans, carrots and kang kong.

Arrival of Tree Kangaroo Joey Makes Five

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Singapore Zoo is part of the Global Species Management Plan (GSMP) for the Goodfellow’s tree kangaroo. This species of tree kangaroo is classified as endangered under the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species with its population dwindling by about 50 per cent over the last 50 years.

Under the GSMP, participating zoos from Australia, Europe, North America, Japan and Singapore hold assurance populations to protect the animal species in the event of a catastrophic reduction of the animals in the wild.

With the birth of the new tree kangaroo joey, Singapore Zoo now holds five of the approximately 50 Goodfellow’s tree kangaroos under human care.

Tree Kangaroo Joey at Singapore Zoo
The latest addition to Singapore Zoo’s Goodfellow’s tree kangaroo family is a precious female joey. She is currently being conditioned to the outdoor exhibit and visitors can soon see her and mom Blue at the Zoo’s Australasia zone.

Blue and her baby joey are currently being conditioned to get used to the outdoor habitat at the Australasia zone together and will be displayed there throughout the day once fully comfortable.

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