HortPark: A Garden Wonderland

HortPark's SG50 Community in Bloom Garden

HortPark is a gardener’s wonderland. Filled with garden plots that showcase different flora possibilities, it is park filled with inspiration for those with green fingers.

Even if you aren’t a budding gardener, a stroll through HortPark provides a sensorial experience with plenty of things to see and appreciate.

Here are some things you can see and do at HortPark.

1. Swing by an English Garden

English Cottage GardenAt HortPark’s visitor centre are two English Gardens. One is styled as a formal garden while the other is an English cottage garden. Before venturing out into the rest of Hortpark, “swing” by here for a quick snap.

2. Feed the Fish

Water Garden, HortParkFish Food Vending MachineAt the Water Garden by the Visitor Centre, you can buy some fish food to feed to the fish found there.

3. HortPark’s Children’s Playground

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Children's Playground, HortParkHortPark PlaygroundHortPark has a playground area with four contrasting playgrounds for kids to play at. Each playground is by a different playground vendor. Around the playgrounds are little plant-related activities that kids can engage in as well.

4. Singa Spotting

Singa the Lion at HortParkSinga the Lion makes an appearance at the children’s playground. In fact, there are three statues of Singa at the park, each accompanied by a lovely quote about kindness.

Rhino at PlaygroundIn addition to everyone’s favourite lion, look out for a unique rhino at the HortPark playground too.

5. SG50 Community In Bloom Garden

HortPark's SG50 Community in Bloom GardenThe SG Community In Bloom Garden is our favourite garden at Hortpark.

Unveiled in 2015 as part of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee celebrations, the garden was the work of more than 250 community gardeners.

The SG50 CIB Garden is hard to miss as it is prominently marked out by large replica of the iconic Toa Payoh Dragon Playground. This display, Play Mosaic, consists of stacked gardens along the dragon’s spine.

Balik Kampung GardenAnother themed area at the SG50 CIB Garden is Balik Kampung. View edible crops and look for cute black-and-white cutouts of comic characters.

Blk 50, SG50 CIB GardenBlk 50 is modeled after an HDB flat with apartments, corridors and other shared spaces.

Talk Bird, Sing SongChess Table at Talk Bird, Sing SongTalk Bird, Sing Song is an area made to look like an area for bird-singing, a traditional pastime that provided a shared communal space for neighbours to meet and chit-chat.

6. Streets of Singapore Walk

Tamarind Tree, Streets of SingaporeWhile at HortPark, keep an eye out for trees from the Streets of Singapore Walk. Marked out with signboards, the Walk features 15 trees that have lent their names to places and roads in Singapore. These include the Keranji, Tempines and Tamarind trees.

7. Botanic Gardens in Miniature

Mini Bandstand at HortParkParts of the park reminded us of Singapore Botanic Gardens. There is a smaller version of the Gardens’ iconic white bandstand.

Orchids at HortParkA wall of Vanda Miss Joaquim orchids resembles those found at National Orchid Gardens.

Native Garden, HortParkAlso within HortPark is the Native Garden. This holds a collection of more than 100 plants local to Singapore.

Mangrove Swamp areaWe especially like the Mangrove Swamp area of the Native Garden which has a fun little boardwalk, stream and pathway to explore.

8. NONG by Edible Garden City

NONG by Edible Garden CityKickstart your own edible home garden at NONG, a gardening retail store that sells plants you can bring home to start your own green adventure.

Self-watering Kits at NONGUse their self-watering kits to grow microgreens such as spicy salad or rocket, or herbs like basil.

NONG is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm, except Wednesdays and public holidays.

Dining & Event Spaces

Event Space at HortParkHortPark has various indoor and outdoor event spaces. The Lawn is a popular spot for outdoor wedding ceremonies. There is also a French-Italian restaurant, Vineyard at HortPark.

Gardeners’ Day Out, a gardening event organised by NParks, is also regularly held at HortPark.


Address: 33 Hyderabad Road, Singapore 119578
Opening Hours: 6 am to 10 pm, daily

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