19 Parent-Child Activities at KidZania Singapore

Making Pizza - Parent-child Activities at KidZania Singapore

Most adults think of KidZania Singapore as a city just for kids and parents are relegated to the role of chaperones. However, there are 19 parent-child activities at KidZania Singapore that allow parents to get in on the action too.

These parent-child activities at KidZania Singapore let parents to play a more active part in their child’s role-play and learning process.

Explaining, Mr Leong Yue Weng, KidZania Singapore’s General Manager said, “One year on, KidZania Singapore has taken in the feedback of adults and children alike, and we are evolving to better suit the needs of families locally as well as in the region. We have implemented more parent-child role-play activities within the park, to encourage parents to take a more active role in their kids’ education process.”

19 Establishments with Parent-child Activities at KidZania Singapore

Here are the 19 establishments around KidZania Singapore where parents can role-play alongside their children.

1. Art Studio

Kid’s Roles: Artisan
Adult’s Roles: Artisans alongside their kids

Cabin Crew at KidZania Singapore2. Aviation Academy

Kid’s Roles: Cabin Crew
Adult’s Roles: Passengers on the flight receiving in-flight service

3. Bank Vault

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Kid’s Roles: Cash Officer
Adult’s Roles: Assistant Cash Officer that helps the Cash Offer prepare, protect and deliver money around the City

4. City Parade

Kid’s Roles: Performer
Adult’s Roles: Performer alongside their kids

5. Coach Station

Kid’s Roles: Tour Guide
Adult’s Roles: Tourists on the tour bus

6. Convenience Store

Kid’s Roles: Junior Cashier or Store Assistant
Adult’s Roles: Store customers

7. Courier Service

Kid’s Roles: Courier
Adult’s Roles: Assistants helping kids navigate the City’s streets

8. Hospital

Kid’s Roles: Paramedic
Adult’s Roles: Casualties being treated by the paramedics

9. Imaging Academy

Kid’s Roles: Photographer
Adult’s Roles: Stylists assist the photographers

10. Makeup Atelier

Kid’s Roles: Customer
Adult’s Roles: Makeup assistants help to do a makeover for their kids

Junior Scientist at KidZania Singapore11. Milk Innovation Lab

Kid’s Roles: Food Scientist
Adult’s Roles: Food Scientist assist with food safety checks

12. Mountaineering School

Kid’s Roles: Mountaineers
Adult’s Roles: Mountaineers alongside their kids

13. Newspaper Edition

Kid’s Roles: Newspaper Delivery Crew
Adult’s Roles: Newspaper Delivery Crew helping kids navigate around the City

14. Pizza Shop

Kid’s Roles: Pizza Chef
Adult’s Roles: Pizza Chef making pizzas with their kids

15. Stadium

Kid’s Roles: Soccer Player
Adult’s Roles: Spectators cheering on their kids

16. Theatre

Kid’s Roles: Fashion Model
Adult’s Roles: Audience member of the fashion show

17. Theatre

Kid’s Roles: Performer
Adult’s Roles: Audience member of the theatre show

18. Water Quality Assurance Plant

Kid’s Roles: Water Delivery Crew
Adult’s Roles: Water Delivery Crew helping their kids navigate the City

19. Window Washing

Kid’s Roles: Window Washer
Adult’s Roles: Window Washer assisting their kids

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