Twilight Encounters with Night Safari’s Animal Icon

Weighing over 4.5 tonnes, Chawang, the animal icon of Night Safari, is the largest and heaviest animal in Singapore’s wildlife parks.
Weighing over 4.5 tonnes, Chawang, the animal icon of Night Safari, is the largest and heaviest animal in Singapore’s wildlife parks.

Chawang the Asian elephant was just six when rescued by Malaysian wildlife authorities. Relocated to Singapore in 1983, Chawang is now close to 40 years old. He has lived at the Night Safari since the park’s opening in 1994 and has just been crowned the Night Safari’s animal icon.

Chawang, Night Safari’s New Animal Icon

As Night Safari’s new animal icon, Chawang will serve as the ambassador for the Asian elephant species, highlighting the threat faced by these majestic but endangered creatures.

Chawang, Night Safari’s Animal Icon
Animal icon of Night Safari, Chawang, understands about 15 Sinhalese commands. Mr Novendran S., Deputy Head Keeper, Night Safari, instructs him to spray water from his trunk. This familiarises Chawang with a procedure known as the trunk wash, where he sprays water into a bucket for medical test samples.

Dr Cheng Wen-Haur, Deputy CEO and Chief Life Sciences Officer, Wildlife Reserves Singapore, said, “Asian elephants are some of the most awe-inspiring animals in this part of the world but their population is declining at an alarming rate. We support many conservation projects to protect this gentle giant but more needs to be done. Chawang has been a popular animal in Night Safari, and with him as our park icon we hope he lends a massive weight to our efforts to draw attention on the plight of Asian elephants in our neighbouring countries, and what can be done to help them.”

Among the conservation efforts being undertaken by the Night Safari include a breeding programme. And, as a bull elephant, Chawang has sired five offspring including Neha, the Night Safari’s latest elephant calf as part of the programme.

Twilight Encounters

To celebrate Chawang’s new role as the Night Safari’s animal icon, the park has lined up a new programme, Twilight Encounters, for the Fridays and Saturdays between 18 November and 10 December 2016.

Twilight Encounters will see the park dressed up in fairy lights. Visitors can watch a parade of costume animals and catch mascot appearances.

Twilight Encounters

Twilight Encounters

For more information about Twilight Encounters, visit the Night Safari website.

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