Festival of Biodiversity 2016: Nature Encounter

Festival of Biodiversity 2016

Learn about Singapore’s wildlife at the Festival of Biodiversity 2016. Returning for its fifth edition, this year’s Festival is being held amongst the greenery at the Eco Lake Lawn, Singapore Botanic Gardens from 3 to 4 September.

Festival of Biodiversity 2016

A celebration of the community’s efforts to conserve Singapore’s natural heritage, the focus of this year’s Festival is on efforts to recover rare flora and fauna around Singapore. This is highlighted by exhibition display panels on Species Recovery and the Sisters’ Islands Marine Park at the Festival.

Beside the exhibition panels, be sure to visit the booths. At the booths, you can learn more about Singapore’s flora and fauna from those involved in their conservation. At OtterWatch, you can learn more about the two species of otters in Singapore. The Pangolin Story booth has posters about pangolins and the threats they face in Singapore.

OtterWatch Booth, Festival of Biodiversity 2016

Head to the Wildlife Reserves Singapore booth to learn more about Singapore’s native snakes. The National University of Singapore Toddycats and Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum are also presented, showcasing specimens from the museum’s collection.

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Wildlife Reserves Singapore Booth at Festival of Biodiversity 2016

There are many other booths to explore. These include booths by the Nature Society (Singapore), ACRES, Jan Goodall Institute Singapore, Cicada Tree Eco-place and more.

Also present are students from Community in Nature schools Hwa Chong Institution and Meridian Primary School. They are showcasing their projects to promote biodiversity in their schools and community.

Meridian Primary School at Festival of Biodiversity 2016



Kids will enjoy the many free craft workshops and activities found at the Festival of Biodiversity 2016. Make a leaf-rubbing bookmark or a dragonfly craft. There is plenty for kids to do around the Festival tent.

Leaf-rubbing Bookmark Craft

Turning Tides

There are also colouring activities where kids learn about diverse flora and fauna found in Singapore.


At the Nature Society (Singapore) booth, fold a paper origami piece that will be added a mixed media artwork, Bycatch.

Bycatch Mixed Media Installation

The NParks Festival of Biodiversity takes place from 9 am to 7 pm, 3 to 4 September, Singapore Botanic Gardens, Eco Lake Lawn.

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