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Hop and Honk Activity Sheets

Two classic children’s tales get a new twist – together with each other – in I Theatre’s new show Hop and Honk.

Weaving together The Ugly Ducklingand The Frog Prince, Hop and Honk is an original family show which opens at the Drama Centre on 29 October 2014.

In the original story, The Ugly Duckling is rejected by the rest of the duckling brood for looking different. Yet, over time, the ugly duckling’s true self is revealed as she is transformed into a beautiful swan.

In the Grimm’s Brothers’ The Frog Prince, after rescuing a Princess’ beloved golden ball from the depths of the pond, the amphibian is then left to charm her highness into giving him a kiss.

I Theatre’s Hop and Honk gives these stories a new twist by answering the unanswered questions behind the tales. Why did the prince turn into the frog in the first place? Who did the ugly duckling encounter beyond the farmyard? What happens if the frog meets the duckling?

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Now, Little Day Out is proud to present you with a special pack of printable based on The Ugly Duckling and The Frog Prince and more. These printables are designed to help parents introduce the stories ofThe Ugly Duckling and The Frog Prince to their children, and provide fun parent-child time and a basis for further discussion and discovery.

The printables are developed in conjunction with I Theatre’s Hop and Honk which opens 29 October 2014 at the Drama Centre.

Download the Hop and Honk Printables from Little Day Out Shop.

Hop and Honk Activity Sheets

For more, go Behind the Scenes with us and see how the Ugly Duckling Meets the Frog Prince!

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