Visual SG: Big Data Made Visual

EON Icube

Big Data can be difficult to appreciate and interpret. From 25 to 27 July 2014, Visual SG, a visualisation festival at the Science Centre Singapore, seeks to showcase how Big Data can be unravelled, decoded and made meaningful.

Located at the Science Centre’s Annex Auditorium, the three-day exhibition brings together partners such as EON Reality, Inc. and Dassault Systemes to showcase technologies used to present data in a visual, and even artistic, manner.

Data Drives is a space-age touch table that allows users to interact with information about Singapore such as electricity consumption, mobile phone usage and flight connections. The information can be manipulated in three dimensions and consumed in a highly visual manner.

Data Drives

Dassault Systemes’ augmented reality technology demonstrates how historical 3D virtual models can be layered on top of modern day images to allow users to go back in time and view Paris’ famous monuments.3D Model
EON Icube Mobile, by EON Reality, Inc., is a portable four-wall immersive system that surrounds users with a virtual world. Donning a pair of 3D glasses fitted out with motion sensors, users can directly interact with the virtual environment before them. For example, visitors can play with virtual dolphins and explore underwater worlds.

EON Icube

Under the hemispherical dome of the Portable Planetarium, visitors will be able to climb inside to explore the Milky Way and view a variety of shows that promise space travel and adventure.


“The inaugural Visual SG not only tackles the evolution of current buzzword, Big Data, it also uses science to explore the beauty of nature and our role in this. We hope that through the intersection of art and science, people will come to appreciate the logic and grace of scientific research and cast away their perceptual biases of science as a boring field,” said Associate Professor Lim Tit Meng, Chief Executive, Science Centre Singapore and Chairperson, Singapore Science Festival.

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Visual SG is open to the public from 25 to 27 July as part of the Singapore Science Festival. Normal admission charges to the Science Centre Singapore apply.

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