Bistro Cool: Dining for Family


Many family-friendly restaurants have little play corners or “doodle sheets” to attract parents by entertaining (or dare we say distracting) their kids.

Enter Bistro Cool by Cool de Sac.

A full service restaurant at Suntec City associated with the new Cool de Sac indoor playground next door, you won’t find any play corners here, or even drawing paper for kids to scribble on. There isn’t outlandish and garish cartoon wallpaper either. Instead, its woody décor evokes an almost Scandinavian calm and it is not uncommon to spot office workers enjoying a meal here.


However, Bistro Cool is unique for its kid-friendly menu choices that extend even to the youngest ones in the family. While many restaurants have the standard fair of pasta, nuggets and pizzas for older kids on their kids’ menus, Bistro Cool’s caters even to babies as young as six months old.

On the menu are purees for babies between six to nine months that come in flavours such as Carrot & Apple, Broccoli and Wild Fruits. These 4-oz servings are available at a reasonable $2 each. There is also a separate weaning menu for babies from nine to 18 months that include enticing flavours such as Butternut Pumpkin Risotto, Beef Bolognaise & Orza, and Lamb & Potato Stew.


Older kids still get their choice of Pasta, Mini Pizza, Mac & Cheese and Nuggets, but there are also items such as Roasted Chicken with sweet purple potato puree and Churrasco Jr, a beef dish, on the children’s menu.

Kid-size milkshakes ($6) in flavours such as Oreo Crumbs, Salted Caramel Brownie and Torched Marshmellow Vanilla are also available, alongside the standard serve ($6).

For the adults, there are appetizers that include Truffle and Sweet Potato Fries, 10” thin crust pizzas, burgers and entrees such as Beer-battered Fish & Chips, Chicken Alfredo and Churrasco.

How Was It?

During our visit, we started off with a set of Crab Croquettes appetizers. This turned out to be the surprising hit with the little one we were with and had her reaching out for more.


The Churrasco we ordered was nicely done but the star of the meal was the Tex Mex Burger. The juicy patty sitting between the soft burger buns soon had our little companion stealing bites off our plates incessantly.


We also ordered the Mac & Cheese off the children’s menu. When it arrived, it initially left us confused for its decided lack of “cheesiness”. A quick glance at the menu again and we realised that the main flavor hitting our pallet was the butternut pumpkin which had been incorporated into the sauce. Yummy for the adults but unfortunately not as delectable for the little one.


The meal ended on a sweet note with a Chocolate Molten Lava Cake and decadent Brownies dripping with nutella syrup and topped off with a scoop of ice cream!


Bistro Cool incorporates some healthy choices into the menu and kudos for thinking about babies and younger children too.

We visited the “restaurant” version of Bistro Cool with its entrance facing the atrium. Parents visiting the Cool de Sac indoor playground can enjoy the same Bistro Cool menu from the playground’s dining area too! Looks like indoor playground dining no longer needs to be confined nuggets and fries.

How To Get There

Click here for more details including the address and map of how to get to Cool de Sac and Bistro Cool.

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