A Book Hunt Activity with NoQ’s Top Christmas Books For Children

Activity Sheet

The old saying goes “never judge a book by its cover”, but we could not help admiring the colourful covers on these 18 children’s books.

Now you have another reason to look closely at these book covers in this fun activity sheet brought to you by NoQ Store – Asia’s online bookstore.

Go on a Book Hunt

See if you can uncover the 24 different items scattered amongst the covers of these top 18 children’s books that are available for Christmas 2013. Look out for items that include Christmas trees, a pair of sunglass, assorted animals and more.

Parents can do this fun activity together with their children. Play the game and see who can spot the items first. Who knows, the kids may turn out to be even more eagle-eyed than the adults!

The Gift of Books

For more details about each of these enchanting books and to discover why they make such wonderful Christmas gifts, read the featured article here!

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All books are available at online bookstore www.noQstore.asia – Use code LDOXMAS10 at checkout and get S$10 OFF* and FREE shipping islandwide in Singapore*. *Minimum order S$40. Shop by 31 December 2013.

About NoQ store

NoQ store – Asia’s online bookstore offers you a brand new shopping experience when you shop for books online. Stocked with over seven million international and Asian titles across dozens of categories, from the Aztec gods to the Amazon tribes, from Steve Jobs to Gordon Ramsay, NoQ store’s advanced book depository allows you to browse for all your favourite books without a hitch in a flash. Get your hands on the freshest and hottest titles at up to 50% off, and enjoy speedy delivery from our online shopping trolley to your doorstep FREE within Singapore!

Download the FREE NoQ Activity Sheet Here!

Need some help? Get the NoQ Activity Sheet Answer Sheet!

Activity Sheet

Download the FREE NoQ Activity Sheet Here!

Need some help? Get the NoQ Activity Sheet Answer Sheet!

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