5 Reasons To Catch The Art of The Brick Before It Leaves Town


The Art of the Brick‘s run at Marina Bay Sand’s ArtScience Museum ends on 26 May 2013. It has been open since 17 November 2012 and is touted as one of CNN’s 12 Must-see Exhibitions.

If you have not yet visited this exhibition on the third floor of the ArtScience Museum, here are five reasons why we think it is worth catching as a family before it leaves town.

1. Awesome Sculptures that Entertain on Different Levels

Nathan Sawaya, the sculptor, has used the humble LEGO brick to create sculptures that can be appreciated by both children and adults. 52 of these sculptures are on show at The Art of The Brick. With brightly-coloured bricks, every day subjects such as swimming or scaling a wall are given form. While kids look at a sculpture and see people with funny-looking heads, there is enough depth for adults to ponder the meaning of a triangular head if they wish.

Funny Head

2. It Doesn’t Take Itself Too Seriously

It is a fun exhibition. To give a flavour of the ethos behind the exhibition, when asked what glue is used to holds the LEGO sculptures together, Nathan Sawaya claims that the concoction comprises a mixture of goat’s milk and elf tears. Good luck looking for that in the hardware store!

We also love that Nathan created a humongous T-Rex skeleton out of more than 80,000 LEGO bricks to wow kids that visit the exhibition!

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3. Interact with Art

You can’t touch the sculptures but you can become part of them. Take a seat next to the a blue thinking man or play with an app that allows you to create a portrait of yourself out of LEGO bricks. It is great that the latter even has a version set at a lower height for children to use.

Thinking Chair

4. Kid-Friendly Stations and Challenges

Throughout the exhibition, there are little activities for visitors to try out. At one station, visitors are invited to replicate a LEGO portait of a water drop that is on the wall. You will also find books on LEGO as well as etch-a-doodle pads where kids can plan out their own LEGO creations.

Get involved


5. Things For The Family To Do Together

At the end of the exhibition is an activity area where itchy fingers can get going with LEGO bricks. Both children and parents can be found sitting at the tables piecing together their own brickwork creations out of the multi-coloured bricks. When you are done, there is even a finger maze on the wall and a foot reflexology path made out of LEGO. Certainly a great way to end a visit to the Art of the Brick.


So catch the Art of the Brick before it leaves town if you haven’t already done so!

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