Singapore’s Water Fountains – Alternative Free Water Play Areas for Kids


Singapore’s Water Fountains – Alternative Free Water Play Areas for Kids

Sometimes, the best things in life are the simplest. Come rain or shine in tropical Singapore, it is pure joy to see squirts of water spouting from the ground, prancing in carefree abandon. They appear in an instant and vanish the next, leaving us wondering for a split second when they will show up and surprise us again. They are especially mesmerising for kids and even more delightful for us to watch when the young ones happily weave in between and bounce along with these mischievous spouts of water.

Little Day Out went on an islandwide hunt for the best free water play sites in Singapore. Unlike water playgrounds and water theme parks with built-up water playground structures, these are simple water fountains and spouts where you can enjoy free and fascinating water fun.

Outdoor Water Fountains in Singapore

These water features and water spouts are usually placed at the forefront or in the centre of an atrium and serve as great meeting points. What better way to pass our time while waiting for someone than to stare at these manmade geysers? Even if we are rushing by, the sound of the splashes and the visual fluidity will certainly catch our attention.

Bugis Junction Water Fountain

With playful spouts of water bouncing up and down from the ground, the water play fountain outside BHG at Bugis Junction invites kids to play and interact with it. Don’t worry about bringing a change of clothes. It’s a great reason to do more shopping! See more on Bugis Junction’s Water Fountain Area…

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Bugis Junction

Kinetic Garden, Science Centre Singapore

At the entrance to the Science Centre is the Kinetic Garden where kids can play with different structures that demonstrate the application of scientific principles. While the water spouts pale in comparison to the massive Water Works just across the walkway, you do not need to pay to enjoy the Kinetic Garden. See more on Kinetic Garden at Science Centre Singapore…

SCience Centre

VivoCity Water Fountain

Facing Telok Blangah Road, VivoCity’s elegant water fountain rises up like waves from the ground. Adventurous kids can try to meander their way through the water spouts. See more on VivoCity’s water play areas and features…

Vivocity Fountain

Sheltered Water Fountains in Singapore

The dancing water fountain at Basement 1 of Raffles City Shopping Centre is well-known but it is only good for watching. Here are two others where you can get the sense of being both indoors and outdoors at the same time, and swirl and dance away with the water waves!

Clarke Quay’s Central Fountain Square

Right at the heart of Clarke Quay is the Central Fountain Square. The spouts of water will inspire the kids to dance along while you enjoy a cuppa in one of the cafés around the Square. See more on Clarke Quay’s water fountain…

Clarke Quay

The Star Vista Water Fountain

The fountain in the middle of The Star Vista’s atrium is with natural ventilation yet sheltered. You can sit on the steps leading towards the atrium to watch the fountain rise and fall or skip along with it or through it. See more on The Star Vista’s water fountain…

The Star Vista

Unique Water Fountains in Singapore

More than just mere spouts, there are special founts a-plenty in Singapore. The Fountain of Wealth at Suntec City, a symbol of wealth and life, has been recognised as the world’s largest fountain since 1998. Over at the mouth of the Singapore River, the world famous archetypal icon of Singapore, the Merlion, sits at the Merlion Park, continuously spouting water into the river.

Merlion Walk’s Shallow Pools & Fountain Spouts

Take an amble down the colourful 120 metre-long Gaudi-inspired mosaic walkway with cooling shallow pools and fountain spouts. See more on the Merlion Walk & Merlion Plaza…

Merlion Walk

Marina Barrage Water Playground

Marina Barrage is Singapore’s first city reservoir with restaurants, a free gallery, an open rooftop garden and a large water play area with a great view of the city. It is popular with the kite-flying public who make their way to the grassy roof of the barrage building to unleash their kites in the strong winds. Kids will also enjoy wading in the water pools and playing among the dancing fountains. What’s more, you can learn more about Singapore’s efforts towards environmental sustainability through the years at the Sustainable Singapore Gallery. See more on Marina Barrage…

Marina Barrage

Palawan Beach Water Play Area

Palawan Beach is a family-friendly beach where kids can play in the sand and go swimming in the lagoon. Just before the beach, next to the air-conditioned food court, is a shallow wading pool with small spouts of water for a great amount of fun. See more on Palawan Beach…

Palawan Beach

Whirlpool at Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands’ Whirlpool is a huge bowl structure where a whirlpool feature is generated throughout the day. From the floors below the bowl, the whirlpool seems like the a replica of a waterspout. You can’t exactly get to the water, but it sure is fascinating to watch. Better still, when the whirlpool is not switched on, you can try whispering across the bowl to someone on the opposite side. See more on the Whirlpool at Marina Bay Sands…


Why These Water Fountain Areas are Great for a Little Day Out

They are fun and free. Catch them in operation throughout the day!

Who are these Water Fountain Areas Perfect for

Kids and kids at heart who love to run around and have a splashing good time!

Little Day Out Tips & Suggestions

  • If there are ongoing events at some of these places, the fountains may be switched off so do call to check.
  • Bring a towel and change of clothes for the kids.
  • Supervise the kids as they play.

How To Get To These Water Fountain Play Areas

Click here for more details.

We hope you enjoyed these snapshots of swooshing water fountain features found in Singapore and will keep an eye out for them the next time you’re near them. Or simply seize the inspiration of the moment, get the kids going now and have a great little day out!

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