Bukit Batok Nature Park

Bukit Batok Nature Park: Quarry, Playground & Wildlife

From the main road, it is hard to see what lies inside Bukit Batok Nature Park. Instead, around the edge of the park, well-shaded...

Labrador Nature Reserve: One Park, Two Worlds

Once a haven for pirates, it has also been a popular seaside getaway and bastion of imperial power at different points in time. Labrador Nature...
Kranji Marshes

Kranji Marshes: A Different Type of Playground

Newly opened in February 2016, Kranji Marshes is a world away from the typical Singapore city life. The 56.8-hectare marshland is one of the...

The Battlebox: Hidden Tunnels Under the Forbidden Hill

Hidden in secret tunnels, deep under a hill, top military commanders convene to deliberate the fate of hundreds of thousands. Sounds like the plot from...
Steep Slopes

Zhenghua Nature Park: At the Edge of Nature

In November 2015, a 3.8 hectare extension was officially added to the Zhenghua Nature Park. Located at Segar Road, close to residential flats, this...
Kranji Resort

Local Getaways: Kranji Countryside

Escape to the countryside this holidays with your family. Get back to nature with the kids with farm visits, and look forward to farm-fresh produce...
West Entrance to Coney Island

Ten Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Coney Island Park

Once a millionaire’s island and wakeboarder’s paradise, Coney Island used to only be accessible by boat. Two bridges now make it easily accessible.
Fort Siloso Skywalk

Spectacular Skywalks in Singapore

Walkways in the sky that give you aerial views of tree canopies and stunning scenery have been sprouting up around Singapore in recent years....

Jubilee Trail: Sights Around Town in Celebration of National Day

It is Singapore’s 50th birthday and the nation is celebrating with a year-long bash like never before. As part of the celebrations, a Jubilee Walk...
Hindhede Nature Park

Beyond Bukit Timah Hill: 11 Best Natural Peaks in Singapore to Explore with Kids

How many hills in Singapore can you think of off the top of your head, other than Singapore's highest point - our famed Bukit...