Singapore City Gallery: Glimpse In Singapore’s Urban Future

CBD Model at Singapore City Gallery

What does Singapore’s urban future look like? Catch a glimpse of it at the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s Singapore City Gallery.

Located at the edge of Singapore’s Chinatown, the Singapore City Gallery tells the story of the nation’s urban renewal, and provides a vision for the future.

Welcome to Singapore

Multimedia Presentation at Singapore City GalleryWelcoming visitors to the gallery is a 270-degree panoramic multimedia show. It depicts everyday scenes from around Singapore, starting from dawn to dusk, and gives a flavor of life in urban Singapore.

Model of Singapore's CBDThe centrepiece of the gallery is a large-scale architectural model of the city centre. Here, you can get a good overview of Singapore’s urban sprawl.

If you look a bit closer, you may notice that there are plots of land, such as those beside Gardens by the Bay which are currently empty, that have towering skyscrapers sitting on them. These are representations of how Singapore’s downtown landscape may look in the future, perhaps just a generation ahead.

Urban Planning Challenges

Singapore City GalleryHead upstairs to the Gallery’s second floor.

The exhibits here illustrate the urban planning challenges faced by Singapore as the Nation grew.

Interactive Activity at Singapore City GalleryThere is an interactive game where you can step into the shoes of an urban planner and try out your own urban planning strategies to cope with burgeoning population demands.

Display on URA's Conservation EffortsOther exhibits on the second floor of the Singapore City Gallery include a showcase of efforts to conserve spaces and places around Singapore. Others deal with the challenges of housing, water and transport.

View a copy of a drawing by British artist Stephen Wiltshire, who is a savant, of the Singapore CBD. The original can be seen at National Gallery Singapore.
View a copy of a drawing by British artist Stephen Wiltshire, who is a savant, of the Singapore CBD. The original can be seen at National Gallery Singapore.

The Journey Continues

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For those who are interested to see an architectural model of the entire Singapore, head down to the ground floor of the URA Centre, one level below the Singapore City Gallery. This large-scale model acts as a “3D map” of the entire island and will have you looking around for familiar sights.

The Singapore City Gallery is fascinating because it provides an urban planner’s perspective of Singapore. It is not by chance that Singaporeans can live in country with such a small land area. Instead, it is the result of careful planning by urban planners of the past. Carrying on this heritage, the Gallery shows how today’s urban planners are shaping up the Singapore of tomorrow.

Singapore City Gallery

Address: 45 Maxwell Road, The URA Centre, Singapore 069118
Opening Hours: 9 am to 5 pm; Closed on Sundays.
Free Admission

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