Editor’s Blog: Stay Tuned for the Holidays


The June School Holidays are coming!

For some, this signals family vacation time and for others, it means pondering what to do with boisterous kids at home before they go stir-crazy.

Whichever it is, half a year is almost through and 2013 is zooming by quickly. This is probably a good time to think about anything you had planned to do in 2013 as a family and how you are progressing along with these plans.

At the beginning of the year, we shared three of our own goals with our eNewsletter readers. These were to:

1. Spend more time outdoors;

2. Get the kids to discover new activities that DON’T involve a digital screen; and

3. Explore one new place around Singapore each month.

Honestly, #1 and #2 have been a bit challenging to keep up with. Nonetheless, these remain on our list of goals – because they are things we believe will enrich the kids!

The upcoming holidays present a great opportunity for us to tune-up our goals and to stay in tune as a family. We hope you think so too!

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